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Quality Assurance / CE Marking

Quality Assurance Policy February 2013

It is Hambleton Steel's aim to distinguish itself as an industrial leader in the design, manufacture, supply and erection of structural steel products which meet our customers' requirements and exceed their expectations of customer service.

Our goal is to consistently deliver enhanced value by efficient innovative design, continuous process improvement, the use of best practice and seeking to eliminate waste in time, materials and labour.
To achieve this, our policy is to operate to a Quality Management System which satisfies the
requirements of BS EN ISO 9001:2008.
This management system forms part of our Integrated Management System for safety, health,
environment and quality (SHEQ).
The management system forms a platform from which the Company can set quality objectives,
monitor and measure its performance in order to continually improve the effectiveness of the system.
The Managing Director has overall responsibility for the system and its implementation.
The effective operation of the management system is the responsibility of all people engaged in the
company's activities.
The above policy along with the overall management system will be reviewed periodically for
continuing suitability.
The SHEQ Policy Manual details individual responsibilities and the arrangements for its

CE Marking

In order to provide a quality product and meet or exceed our customer requirements Hambleton Steel Ltd operate to an integrated management system in line with the current requirements of BS EN ISO 9001.

From 1st July 2014 all fabricated structural steelwork delivered to site has to be CE Marked. In order to comply with the regulation, only steelwork contractors with an Execution Class equal to that required for a project should be considered. Execution Class 2 (EXC2) will be appropriate for the majority of buildings constructed in the UK, however Hambleton Steel are one of the few fabricators who are able to provide steelwork that is CE Marked up to and including Execution Class 4 (EXC4).  This milestone in their history was achieved on 13th December 2013 so that they would be ready well in advance of the regulatory requirement.

From 7th June 2013, Hambleton Steel became fully registered as a supplier on Link-up which is the scheme audited by Achilles on behalf of the Rail Industry. This has enabled them to undertake fabrication work and trackside erection of structural steel frames and steelwork and act as a sponsor for their erection subcontractors.

The management systems are described in the Company SHEQ manual.

Our Quality Management System has been certified and registered to ISO 9001 and our Factory Production Control (FPC) and Welding have been certified to BS EN 1090-1 and BS EN 1090-2.
Certificate details are as follows:

Certificate of
Last Issue Expiry Date Number Download
ISO 9001 Jul 2007 1st Jul 2013 30th Jun 2016 SCCS Q069
ISO 9001 2014
BS EN 1090-1 Dec 2013 13th Jul 2013 N/A 2273-CPR-0076
FPC Certificate 2014
BS EN 1090-2 Dec 2013 13th Jul 2013 N/A 2273-CPR-0076-WC
Welding Certificate 2014
Link-up for Rail Industry Jun 2013 7th Jun 2013 7th Oct 2015 099978
Achilles Linkup Certificate 2014
Constructionline     August 2015 155688
ConstructionLine Certificate 2014